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We worked hard to organise a series of amazing events this year!

Our Podcast Series

Our ‘A Moment With’ podcast provide students with the opportunity to listen to successful entrepreneurs at all times.

Podcasts are now much like a cup of coffee: they don’t distract you from the business activity but offer a nice value for a very small commitment. It’s a useful habit during a busy day — you can tune in while multitasking or when going outside to have lunch. For many successful people, it’s now a daily feed that stimulates their brain activity and pushes them forward after the routine drains the mojo away.

Our series is a bi-monthly dose of a news digest that covers entrepreneurship-related topics.

They will all be available on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music.

14th Feb. - 15th Feb. 2021

LaunchPad 2020

Do you have an idea you’d like to test and build but haven’t had a chance to take the first step yet? We are calling all entrepreneurs, techies and designers for a 24-h challenge to get your idea off the ground!

Are you up to the challenge? 💡

Step 1 👥
Team Formation You will be working in teams of 5 or 6 - if you have anyone you'd like to work with let us know in sign up (we cannot guarantee anything but we will try our best), if not, don't worry - we will put you into teams on the day.

Step 2 📝
Given the Brief This is your one-line spark to create, innovate and build your idea. This is your time to take the brief and run with it 💡

Step 3 💥
24-hour Hustle & Grind This is your only time - create your idea, build your tech and formulate your pitch. Stretch each member's skill-set to the max 🌟

Step 4 💎
Final Pitch for Pride & Prizes 24 hours are up!! ☕ Caffeine-filled and rearing to go - it's now your turn to present your masterpiece to our panel of industry expert judges. Mentorship, funding and the possibility of jobs are all up for grabs if you impress! 🔥


Acceler8 program

Our program of specifically designed content, mentors and speakers is aimed at bringing students with great ideas to become the best entrepreneur possible, all within the space of 8 weeks.

Each participant business is provided with mentorship, access to free resources, alongside £1.5k in equity-free funding and the ability to connect with our extensive network of investors and associated partners.

You can apply to our program with the link below.