Our Founders

Learn more about startups founded by our members

Bayes technology offers a comprehensive all-rounded solution to optimising performance of a professional football club through its set of innovative football analytics systems based on artificial intelligence.

We’ve created a dead simple API that enables data scientists and AI teams to prototype and deploy ML workloads in top-tier cloud hardware in seconds. We’ve built the infrastructure so you can focus on the AI.

Uni-Threads is the new easy way to order custom stash! With a large selection of quality products, low prices, and premium customer service, there’s no better way to order apparel and accessories for your society or club. 

Primarily 3DTomorrow is a 3D Printing Service and an Eco Friendly Filament Supplier, however we can also provide Design Advice, Product Design, FDM Training & Workshops.

Facilitating student-to-student communication to fight social isolation and promote meaningful communication.