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What is launchpad?

LaunchPad is a 24-hour Hackathon, designed to break down the barriers between different disciplines (computer-science, engineering, management, etc.) and facilitate entrepreneurial business making. Over 24 hours, 150 of the university’s most creative, conscientious and courageous students will ideate and create websites, apps and hardware products before pitching these to a panel of judges, fellow participants, and the wider university. (test)

Launch your company in 24 hours

On the 14th of February, Bath’s best students are coming together to launch companies in just 24 hours.
You can build websites, apps, hardware products; basically if you can imagine it, you can create it.

Everyone and everything you could possibly need

We create small cross disciplinary teams of entrepreneurs, designers and programmers; maximising skill diversity.
Then, over 24 hours, we supply you with everything you’ll need: mentorship, tech and tons of caffeine.

Ingenuity, creativity and hustle will Be rewarded with funding and priZes

After the 24-hour hackathon is complete, on the afternoon of Sunday the 14th, each team will pitch their ideas to judges, investors, alumni and fellow students.

Dear Rule Breakers, Boundary Pushers, Idea Makers, and Problem Solvers

What is our vision?

We believe that magic happens when you mix a diverse set of people, skills and ideas; especially those that don’t normally go together. That’s why we’re bringing together the best from each of the University’s of Bath’s facilities and supplying them with everything they need to launch a company in 24 hours.

Last year’s event marked the 4th in a hugely successful series of LaunchPad events held at the University of Bath – in the past where we have been awarded the Student’s Union Event of the Year. This year we’re aiming to continue last year’s best as a Flagship University of Bath Event and truly define our footing the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem and the University of Bath.

Why partner with us?

LaunchPad is an amazing place to increase brand awareness and recruit the very best student talent from the University of Bath. As the premier hackathon series on campus and with the support from the Student Union, we have unparalleled pre-event marketing reach across the student body, and hold the University’s spotlight over the weekend. All of our sponsorship options allow increasing brand exposure during the event.

As a sponsor you will get the opportunity to:

– Evangelise your products to a new generation of leaders and receive feedback.
– Build brand awareness through mentions on social media and at the kick-off.
– Send a judge and have your company represented at the hackathon.
– Recruit talented students for internships or jobs.
– Guide students through their projects with swag, APIs or workshops.
– Help spread literacy in computer science.


We want everyone to have fun, learn and grow in a safe environment. Hence, we have made the decision alongside the University to host the event virtually. But don’t worry, we will be using the most engaging and interactive online event platform for you to make the most out of Launchpad.

We’re all students here – keep your money. Anyhow, you’ll need it to bootstrap your new company once LaunchPad is over.

The application will consist of two simple assessment questions.

The first question will ask you to identify yourself as a designer, an entrepreneur, a programmer or a combination of the three. Descriptions of each of these personas can be found on the application form. Don’t worry if you don’t think any apply to you, just pick the one you feel most comfortable with. We use this information to ensure every team has an impressive selection of skills to utilise.

Every year, LaunchPad is oversubscribed. To help us pick the most curious minds we ask a simple second question: In a single sentence, what is the most curious thing you’ve ever done? Don’t agonise over this. We find often the first thing that comes to mind is often the best.

The total application may take you less than 1 minute to complete.

Teams are made up of an even distribution of entrepreneurs, designers and programmers. This is so each team has all the necessary skills needed to launch a company in 24 hours.

You can take part, just not with that idea. The challenge of LaunchPad is to ideate and create an idea completely from scratch in 24 hours. It’s also the fairest way to decide who deserves the prize at Demo-Day. Regardless, if you’re looking for a co-founder or help developing your MVP further, LaunchPad is the ideal place to recruit the best students at Bath.

You. It’s your vision, your idea for life.

Every year LaunchPad brings an impressive selection of Alumni, Industry Experts and Investors to judge and attend. Sign up above or click attending on our Facebook Page to find out who the 2021 judges are as they are announced.

Ingenuity, creativity, innovation and hustle. Every year we are amazed by what it is possible to achieve in just 24 hours. Attendees will be given a more formal marking criteria and several frameworks to use throughout as guidance.

DON’T WORRY. Most people who attend LaunchPad don’t know anyone else attending. Ones thing is for certain though; by the end of the 24 hours you’ll know almost everyone, and who you’ll be founding your next start-up with.

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